• How often do I need to come to treatment?

Depending on the needs of the individual, frequency and length of treatment can vary. Initial evaluations and assessment typically take 1-3 sessions. Consultations are often used on an as-needed basis. If it is determined that on-going treatment is needed, we will come up with a schedule that works for you, typically with weekly sessions.

  • What can I expect to get out of an evaluation?

A thorough assessment and evaluation of your needs is an integral aspect of the determining the best treatment. I will meet with you and have an in-depth conversation in order to gather information and will determine if filling out additional assessment tools is needed. If appropriate, I will also conduct in-home and/or school observations.

  • Do I need to attend appointments with my child?

Parents are a central part of treatment. However, your direct involvement may vary depending on the needs at hand. Parents must attend the initial assessment and evaluation appointments to help provide essential background information as well as information on current functioning. If, after the initial assessment, it is determined that much of the work will be solely with your child, you will not have to attend weekly sessions. In these circumstances, I do ask parents to come in for collateral sessions as needed, typically monthly. In other cases, regular parental involvement is necessary.

  • Does Dr. Upshur accept insurance?

Dr. Upshur does not accept insurance. However, a receipt of payment statement that contains all of the information generally required for the patient to submit to his/her insurance company is provided. The insurance company may then reimburse the patient directly, according to their individual plan.

  • Does Dr. Upshur accept credit cards?

Yes. Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards are accepted.